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At Brown Distributing Company, our commitment to green initiatives means working toward a sustainable future and making decisions that are both socially responsible and commercially sound. We are dedicated to improving the environmental well-being of the communities we serve.

Our culture of environmental responsibility is based on the following beliefs:

  • We recognize that the world we share has been given to us in trust.
  • We recognize that the choices we make will determine the quality of air, land and water that we leave for generations to come.
  • We recognize that as business leaders in our community, we have the responsibility to help our children enjoy the same diversity of wildlife and natural beauty that has been part of our natural heritage.

With outreach and environmental advocacy programs, volunteer efforts, events and more, we're Brewing Solutions for a Better Environment at Brown Distributing Company with green initiatives like eco-friendly practices, conservation and recycling efforts that include:

  • Paperless payroll processing and use of electronic employee communications
  • Paper use reduction strategies
  • Office recycling including e-cycling of electronic devices
  • Cell phone recycling through FlipSwap and support of the FlipSwap re-leafing tree planting program
  • Retailer "Bring Back the Box" Program
  • Solid Waste Authority Green Team Volunteers
  • Support of EarthShare member charities
  • Currently recycling 20 tons of plastic and 30 tons of cardboard annually out of our headquarters

To see more information on Brown Distributing Company Go Green Initiatives,?click here!

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